DRONETENNA – New word not previously Googleable

Talking with a ham radio friend of mine about the need to get radio antennas off the ground and up in the air to improve the reach of the signal being transmitted.    Most all the permanent ways of doing this are expensive & difficult.

Balloons have been used to get antennas up in the air for years now.

How about using drones to carry at least one end of an antenna up 200 feet or so?   Us radio operators don’t spend all day transmitting, so this should be at least theoretically possible, and not nearly as expensive as rigging a tower or finding a different kind of skyhook.   After 20 minutes of talking, I need a rest.

Drone+antenna = dronentenna, just like the two words separately.

Go ahead, Google it!


Balloons might be just as well if a cheap supply of lifting gas were available.  Here’s a very simply DIY way of making hydrogen gas from scrap aluminum and lye: Youtube

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