2014 – new term previously un-Google-able

I have studied various ailments resulting from too-quick ascents to altitudes above 8000 feet or so, such as AMS or “acute mountain sickness“, HAPE or “high-altitude pulmonary edema”, and HACE “high altitude cerebral edema”.

Today I stumbled upon this, for the first time: HAFE, or “high altitude flatus expulsion”.

HAFE is pretty much what anyone who has learned much of Boyle’s Law could predict.

However the existing terms used to describe HAFE are not felicitous, they really don’t cut the mustard, so to speak.   So I have coined a new term for this medical condition:  “High Fartitude” .   I think it captures the essence of the condition very well.  Google it, be sure to enclose this exact search term in “”.

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