Michigan Deer Hunter Learns his Deer Scent Works – on Bears!

October 12, 2010
Man hunting deer attacked by bear

FROM STAFF REPORTS —- The Record Eagle, Traverse City, Michigan

PETOSKEY — A Walloon Lake man was hospitalized after a black bear attacked him while he hunted deer from his Emmet County tree stand, state officials said.

Chad Fortune, 21, was taken on Saturday to Northern Michigan Regional Hospital in Petoskey after a female black bear bit his calf, thigh and shoulder, according to a state Department of Natural Resources and Environment statement.

Fortune told state officials two cubs climbed up the tree stand ladder, but he shouted at them and they dropped to the ground. He punched and elbowed another bear that attempted to climb the tree, but an adult female bear bit him, DNRE officials said.

Officials believe the bears were attracted to Fortune’s scent, and they continue to investigate the attack.

If you aren’t familiar with hunting and hunting seasons, you would probably not know this man was a bow hunter, since gun hunting season is a few weeks away. The news writer probably assumed his readers all knew this. His only weapons were his bow & arrow & his feet & hands. If he goes hunting again, I expect he’ll have bear spray & something he can use to push a bear back down the ladder.

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