Sansa FUZE 4GB Trial

Sansa FUZE 4GB Control Scheme with labels
     Many local libraries have, in the last few months, greatly expanded their offerings of audible materials that can be downloaded from their websites.   I have recently learned to use Audacity from, and I can now generate an MP3 from anything I can hear on my computers.  Now that the number of great free audible materials has gotten so large, I have become interested in MP3 players to handle this material.    NewEgg last week offered the Sansa Fuze 4GB player as a refurb’d model.  I ordered it Monday night by EggSaver shipping & received it Friday afternoon.   Initial experience was good, but it died by 9 pm that night, wouldn’t turn on or respond to any commands.   Sent it back by First Class Parcel Post with an RMA number, as of Monday pm, it had arrived at NewEgg’s facility.    The Sansa documentation leaves a bit to be desired, and I found it hard to follow.
    I downloaded the image above from Sansa, and added my own labels to make it more usable for beginners to figure out how to use it.
    Once I get a working model, I think I will enjoy it, and am looking forward to borrowing audio books from my local libraries.
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