Night sky Now – Updates with every refresh

current night sky over Akron, OH
Sky map by AstroViewer®
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  1. The Recliner Commando says:

    Tonight I saw the International Space Station race across the sky above my yard. I saw a bright steady light in the WSW wink on about 8:32 EDT pm tonight, about 20-30 degrees above the horizon, moving rapidly to the ENE, it was directly to the north of my house at 8:34 pm, continued another minute or so, then abruptly winked out 20-30 degrees above the horizon. The ISS appeared very close to what I imagine was a bright Arcturus about 30 degrees above W, and at the same time a small plane was flying nearby in the same direction. All 3 lights had slightly different colors, the airplane’s lights were bluish white and flashing, the ISS was white and steady and Arcturus’s light was yellowish-white. The ISS was much brighter than Arcturus, and as bright or brighter than Jupiter. I didn’t see any clouds at the time, and the ISS was easy to see even with local street & house lights nearby.

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